September 22, 2016

How to practice for the B-PAD?

Once you’ve been scheduled to take your Ontario Police B-PAD test, you may be anxious about taking it.

One of the best things you can do for yourself before taking the B-PAD is to practice. Practicing will help you to understand the test, know what’s expected of you during the test, and understand how your responses will be graded.

The three steps of getting ready for the B-PAD test are PREPARE, PRACTICE, PERFORM. If you can follow these steps well, you’ll have a better chance of successfully completing the B-PAD exam.


B-PAD testsThe first step to practicing for the B-PAD is to prepare. Preparation is key when taking any test, especially a test as important as the B-PAD test is for future officers.

To prepare, you should first do some research. This can mean looking at tips for the exam and examples of scenarios on the internet or reading about real-life police experiences in the field and how they reacted in certain situations, but it can also mean talking to fellow police officers that have already taken the B-PAD test. Their insight may help you on your test, and to calm your nerves about taking it.

Another important part of preparing for the B-PAD is to learn to remain calm. The B-PAD is in place to test your interpersonal skills, and a lot of that involves patience and remaining calm. If you can stay calm while preparing for the test, you’ll be helping yourself learn to stay calm during the test and in the field where it’s normally done.

  • Tips for preparing for the B-PAD
  • Do your research
  • Talk to other police officers
  • Practice staying calm and patient


B-PAD testsAfter you’ve prepared and researched about the B-PAD, it’s time to practice.

There are a few ways you can practice, both on your own or with another person.

One way you can practice is to watch sample B-PAD videos online and practice responding to the scenarios. You can even record yourself with your phone camera or webcam on your computer while you watch the videos. Then, you can play back the video of yourself responding to the situations. Did you sound too forceful? Did you use proper language and give clear solutions to the presented problems? If not, try again. Practice makes perfect. There are also practice B-PAD tests you can take online as well.

Another way you can practice is to look up or create role-play exercises to do with a partner. In this situation, you would respond to your partner calmly and try to solve whatever problem they present in a calm, civilized manner. You can also set a timer for you and your partner, a minute for your partner to present the problem and a minute for you to solve it.

  • Tips for practicing for the B-PAD
  • Watch practice B-PAD sample videos
  • Practice role-play scenarios with a partner
  • Look at B-PAD preparation programs online


Once it’s time to take the test, stay calm and remember what you practiced. It’s most important to stay calm, civilized, and respond promptly in order to be successful.

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