September 22, 2016

Best Practices And Being Ready for the B-PAD Test

The B-PAD Test, or also known as the Video Simulation Exercise, determines how you react and your ability to deal with a variety of situations. It wants to ensure that as a future police officer you will remain calm and can handle any situation that may arise. The test tries to mimic any real life scenario by having you watch a TV monitor and asks you to respond to the people you are watching. It doesn’t test your knowledge of police procedures but having a little knowledge on how an officer would react, will be a help when you take the exam. 

B-PAD testsKeep in mind that they will change up each BPAD Test, each test is unique, and so there is really no way to prepare for them. The test measures your responses and how you react, so the best advice is to stay calm and think before react. Your responses are videotaped and scored using validated criteria. 

What you can expect is after you have watched the scene, you will see the word “respond” on the monitor and then you will have between a minute of two to respond verbally. The scene will fade out and the next one will begin. At that point you will be scored later by the administrator. 

So why this is test given? As a police officer there is a good chance that you will be in a life threatening situation so the test assesses your behavior and composure in a “what would you do” role-playing similar scenario. 

Some common sense preparations are to be well rested and eat a light meal before you take the test. Have a clear head and be relaxed. There are quite a few study guides on line but these will cost you. Also there are study guides available in your local library and bookstores, so use these and also check out the many YouTube videos that offer real life situations that you will most likely see on the test. Some of these are: 

  • A traveler not obeying airport parking rules and threatening an officer to not tow his car
  • Pulling over a speeding car
  • B-PAD testsHandgun scenarios in a traffic stop
  • Dealing with a medical situation with a death child at a home
  • You walk past your office and see an officer drinking and hiding it
  • You walk into a domestic argument with both parties scratching each other’s faces

As you can see. You can expect anything when it is test time. Also, with the current growing racial tensions, be prepared to be put in situations where you have to deal with minorities and what course of action you would take. This is becoming more commonplace today, so be ready for anything. 

These are just a few of the many scenarios you might face, so do your homework and you will have a good idea of what to expect. The golden rule is that if you use common sense judgment and react as a professional would; with the goal of the saving of lives and carrying out the mission as your first order of business- you should do fine. 

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