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Reporting Anonymous Crime and CRIMESTOPPERS

To View in Arabic please click: -

One Call Could Cuff Them
For anonymous crime reporting you can use
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111

The police clear up over 9,000 crimes in London every month. They do it with the help of phone calls from people like you. Calling CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111 and giving vital information means the victims can get some kind of justice.

And what do you get out of it?

Well, no public recognition for the good you've done. Because CRIMESTOPPERS is 100%, totally guaranteed ANONYMOUS. It has to be. So when you call you know you are safe.

There is a CRIMESTOPPERS campaign, aimed at encouraging people from ethnic communities to give information on criminal activity.

The new language interpreting service which has been introduced by CRIMSTOPPERS in 2004 will make it easier for people, whose first language isn't English, to give information on crime to the 0800 555 111 freephone number.

The CRIMESTOPPERS Unit will contact the language interpreting service and the caller will be put through to an interpreter who will feed the information back to the police officer, who in turn can ask the caller for further information through the interpreter if required.

London CRIMESTOPPERS offers a completely anonymous service to the caller. Callers are not asked for their name, calls are not taped or traced and the caller will not be asked to attend court. In certain circumstances a cash reward may also be given.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Bill Griffiths, Serious Crime Group Director
Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Bill Griffiths, Serious Crime Group Director with Lynda King Taylor Chair of the Paddington Police/Community SWG Hyde Park at New Scotland Yard. Speaking about the CRIMESTOPPERS interpretation service, he said "We are aware that people from London's ethnically diverse communities may be hesitant to speak to the police when they have information about criminal activity because of the language barrier factor. I am confident that this campaign will alleviate the problem and highlight London CRIMESTOPPERS as a safe and completely confidential way to report crime. Only once we achieve this, can we fully meet the needs of London's diverse communities."


charity races police pic
Officers and PCSOs from the Paddington Business Improvement Distrct who are attached to the Safer Neighbourhood Team at Westminster North want to meet as many people from the local community as possible as part of neighbourhood policing. Seen here with the policing partnership Chair, Lynda King Taylor, Gary Griffin, Bill Quinn and Leslie Robert who serve on the Police Group + Joanne Sheppard & Steve Neale of Ladrokes management team who manage the racing events held at a local spnsored evening in the Monkey Puzzle Pub in Sussex Gardens London W2. Above helps to raise funds for the upkeep of www.padpolice.com and CRIMESTOPPERS. Ladbrokes are a national sponsor for CRIMESTOPPERS.
If you wish to report crime and remain anonymous please call CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111.



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If you do, please contact the Paddington policing partnership Sector Working Group Chair Lynda King Taylor at LKTLondon@aol.com
Or contact London UK ( +44 (0)20 7262 1531 or Fax +44 (0)20 7706 1551


Link to London Crimestoppers website. Opens in a new window.

Report crime online  

(https://online.met.police.uk/ )

Generic image of hands typing

Certain categories of crime can now be reported securely via the Met website.

Other ways you can report crime 
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Crime Stoppers

More information is available from the London CRIMESTOPPERS website

That the lives of all should be free from the fear of crime.
That the fear of Crime in the Community becomes
fear of "CRIMESTOPPERS" in the criminal

Metropolitan Police Authority


Beverley Thompson Chair of the Metropolitan Police Independent Advisory Group said about the CRIMESTOPPERS new interpretation service:

"We welcome the language line facility being launched as this is in keeping with addressing the real needs of our diverse communities in the capital. Communities must feel confident that the police take seriously their needs in assisting to make London the safest capital in the world."

Just For the Record

Just for the record, when you call CRIMESTOPPERS:

  • Crimestoppers don't want your name . . . ever
  • Crimestoppers don't trace your call
  • Crimestoppers don't tape your call
  • You don't go to court